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Israel Godwin

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Israel Godwin International

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I’m Israel Godwin ; I’m a thought leader, writer and public speaker.


I help people create and grow profitable business around their Gifts, Experience, Expertise and Knowledge.

Life happened to me during a compulsory one year service to my Father’s land in Imo State, during the course of my staying there I met a friend who challenged me and since then I realized that there is more to me than my thoughts and experiences.

I started speaking in churches, schools then private organizations and in the course of self discovery, I picked up my pen to scribble words.

As a writer, I create compelling contents for brands and organizations for visibility and profitability, and as speaker I reinvent the wheel of optimum leadership and success culture for individuals and the society at large. I’m a don in speaking.

Annually I bring people together in my city through my UNLEASH EVENT, it’s aimed at helping people to create an exciting path for themselves, become known and get paid.

I’m the author of the stunning book YOU HAVE A MESSAGE. It’s a book that helps you discover and share your messages, build tribes and make money in return.

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