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Seyifunmi Adeyemi

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Seyifunmi Adeyemi

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Seyifunmi Adeyemi is a certified teen mentor who works with parents of teenagers, teen mentors and teen teachers to raise strong and confident teenagers who will thrive globally in all areas of their lives.

She is very passionate about teenagers. She believes that teenagers are useful tools if shaped right, to cause a global change in the economy and so, she helps them navigate the Troubled Waters of their teenage years and help them thrive into responsible adulthood.

She runs a Facebook community for all teen handlers called the Equipped Parenteen Community where parents and teen handlers come together and learn uncommon and unconventional ways to raise teenagers in the 21st Century.

She is equally an educator of about 15 years. She trains parents to teach the children how to read from an early age using very simple and easy steps.

As a professional eagle- eyed editor, she helps writers, content creators and academics to edit and proofread their manuscript and all academic papers.

She helps young individuals to bring their ideas alive. She engages in CLARITY AND MIND MAPPING SESSIONS which help them think and rearrange their ideas to become whole.

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